Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The connection audit for Histography

Image above: The classroom response system called Poll Everywhere

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Day 3: Connecting curriculum workshop on 29 August 2013 at AISSA offices.
 Here is the presentation Powerpoint for Day 3

ICT's in history presentation

After working on the nature of the Australian Curriculum: history and geography during the past two workshops, today we are going to try to audit the two to look for connections prior to developing a teaching program.

We are going to start the day using the digital tool called Poll Everywhere. Go to PollEv.com  and submit your answers to the following questions on our previous two sessions.

1. Which of the two subjects do you feel most comfortable to teach? 

2. What concept in Geography do you feel is the most difficult to teach?

3. What concept in History do you feel is the most difficult to teach?

4. How many concepts are there for history and geography?

5. All concepts should be treated as equal.

6. The concepts are assessed in the Achievement Standards for both subjects.

7. What year level do you wish to work on today

8. On a scale of 0-10 (10 being very confident), how confident are you that history and geography can be connected effectively? 

9. What geography concept is this a definition for?
“ ……is knowing where places and landscapes are located, why they are there and the patterns and distributions they create.”

10. What history concept is this a definition for?
“……is a person’s point of view, the position from which they see and understand events going on around them.”

11. What is your favourite period of history?

12. What is your favourite area of geography to study?

13. Define history in one ‘student friendly’ sentence.

14. Define geography in one ‘student friendly’ sentence.

15. How would you explain the difference between place and space in one sentence?

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