Sunday, April 14, 2013

Geography and Sustainability: Queensland Catholic Education session

Image above: Being careful to not be tokenistic with sustainability in the curriculum.

Sustainability in the Australian Curriculum: Geography

Geography sees sustainability broader than the environment as an isolated ‘thing’. It is the interdependency of the quadruple bottom line(QBL) that we see as our approach.
The quadruple bottom line takes into consideration the following factors:
1. Environmental
2. Social
3.Cultural (including governance)

4. Economic.

Some say that sustainable development is dead with the current wave of conservative ideals and economic prosperity throughout the world; the "What's In It for Me" (WIIFM) attitude seems to be growing. However it is certainly not dead in the Australia Curriculum: Geography where it is clearly stated as Aim 5, that :
The F-10 Australian Curriculum: Geography aims to ensure that students develop:
  • as informed, responsible and active citizens who can contribute to the development of
    the development of an environmentally and economically sustainable, and socially just world.

Further detail on where sustainability lives in the Australian Curriculum: Geography can be accessed by clicking on the Dropbox file below of my presentation in Brisbane on 18 April 2013.

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