Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A workshop in Hobart

Image above: An poster/billboard advertising a new shopping complex in Adelaide. They get the difference between Place and Space?

Powerpoint presentation for the TGTA workshop in Hobart on 29 November, 2013.

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Certainly worth a look! 

DECD in South Australia has recently launched their "Making the Australian Curriculum work for us' resource to support the teaching and learning of the Australian Curriculum: Geography. The DECD site has a range of geographical bits and pieces referenced in this blog posting. They are certainly worth a look! 

As you can see below the resource to date includes a creative animation, broadsheets on the curriculum and 'talking heads'. I understand there will be plenty more useful things to come.  It is great to see a jurisdiction doing such high quality and innovative work to support the  implementation of geography in South Australian schools and inevitably beyond.

The Story of the learning areas animation. An excellent animation on 'What is Geography for'

Talking head on geography (sorry for the head!!)   

The geography curriculum, year by year, all on one page in the Learning Area Explorer.

Sound bites from the public on their perception of geography.

I encourage you, wherever you may be, to use these resources in any awareness work you are doing with your colleagues on the Australian Curriculum: Geography (or just on geography!). 

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